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Disney world with the death penalty. Miami without the vice. 

New York

New York, Neeeeew Yooooork. You sang it in your head, didn’t you.

Hong Kong

Take NYC except shrink it, add two million people and subtract the idea if you piss the wrong person off they’ll shoot you.


The land of Godzilla and tentacle porn combined with abundant overenthusiastic politeness. Put NYC, HK  and Singapore in a blender. Take what comes out, cover it in glitter, dress it up as a schoolgirl riding a unicorn and you get Tokyo.



MainLand China

Learn the 3 F’s quickly. If you are not part of the group of Friends or Family then you can go and F off. 



The Philippines

Just because it isn’t real doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome, but keep in mind that the word for love and the word for expensive, is the same.


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